Lubelicious - Nutrient Enhanced Organic Lover's Lubricant

Lubelicious - Nutrient Enhanced Organic Lover's Lubricant

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Why is Lubelicious ORGANIC LUBRICANT right for you? 

If you want the most pleasurable, longlasting, and climax enhancing sex experience possible then you need our organic lubricant. 

- Enhances warmth feeling.

- Gives an extra tingle experience.

- Makes men last longer and orgasm stronger.

- Women will orgasm easier and more powerful.


What is Lubelicious ORGANIC LUBRICANT

Our lubricant is medical grade, anti-bacterial and made from only the purest, most potent, ORGANIC ingredients for your enhanced sexual experience whether with a partner or on your own. 


- Natural Organic Oil, with a Coconut Oil Extract Base

- Black seed oil

- Frankincense oil

- Celastrus oil

- Sesame oil

- Hemp Oil Extract 

HOW do you make the most of Lubelicious ORGANIC LUBRICANT

Instead of a water-based lube that fades quickly, is sticky and bacteria prone, our lubricant is micronized so it immediately effective and sex enhancing.

Our lubricant increases vasodilation which makes for a more plump clitoris and vagina for more pleasure and provides natural warming from the oils.

It also helps to swell the penis for size and pleasure enhancement.

The oil bonding provides consistent friction that lasts long 45 mins to an hour before a reapplication is needed. 

With ongoing use, you will also recover and heal skin issues

Post sex clean up is also very easy, all you need is a warm towel.