Q: What is WebNutrients REAL NZT-48? 

A: WebNutrients is a nutraceuticals company focused on high-performance, high-experience drinks and capsules. The core of the business is helping our clients move from Sick to Superhuman in terms of mental and physical performance.

Q: How does REAZ NZT-48 work? 

A: WebNutrients blend immediately goes to work by distributing specific nutrients to your brain and bloodstream. These nutrients improve recall, memory, synaptic response, energy, blood flow, oxygen and nitric oxide levels in the blood. They pass through your cell membranes to renew and improve your cells, reducing age and stress-related symptoms.

They also support the production of dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and key neurotransmitters. This increases both cognitive thinking and helps you feel good at the same time. In a real, healthy way.

Q: What will I experience when taking WebNutrients products? 

A: Within 15-30 minutes, you will get a subtle to moderately intense “rush” (depending on your dose, dilution and sensitivity). This is accompanied by a desire to act on whatever needs to be done – along with a series of creative “spikes” that ebb and flow for the next 4-8 hours. What you do with your time is your business. But you’ll have the energy, motivation and confidence to do almost anything you want.

In contrast to the Clear Pill from Limitless, our NZT-48 (and ALL of our products) won't degrade your mind if you quit taking them. In fact, we developed our formulas to improve your mind and body in permanent ways. So there is no dependency. Though you may find the continued additional performance somewhat addicting (who doesn't want to perform their best every day?)

Q: Are your products safe? 

A: Yes. Every component of WebNutrients is naturally derived. Our aim was both high performance brain and body improvements AND age reversal. So, unlike The Clear Pill in Limitless, you don’t suffer from blackouts or accelerated aging (or worse).

As a long-time natural health practitioner, this was a critical area for me, and for the MD/ND's who are involved in the development of our wide range of nutritionals.

Q: Do you really customize each order? 

A: All of our products are hand-made to order, customized just for you.

We carry no inventory on the shelf. And create each batch per tube or capsule to spec, at the time of your order.

We follow FDA guidelines concerning isolation and cleanliness of both raw product and completed formulas.

We strive to ensure you're receiving the very best solutions to your health, in a Compounding Pharmacy process.

We never ship the product that has been formulated for another customer. Nor do we inventory any of our raw Nutrients more than 30 days. And maintain them in isolated, refrigerated enclosures until we customize your formulation.


Q: How do I maximize the results of your products? 

A: The most critical elements you'll find, once you receive your order, are:

1) How you slept the night before. Because the brain builds up toxins during the day, and detoxifies them in the evening, this is often one of the more critical factors.

2) Your current physical condition. Better is better. But we have plenty of sedentary writers and others who “sit for work” who really appreciate the brain charge.

3) Dosage timing. I like to start my day with NooStax and a ManStax (nootropics, vitamins, oils and testosterone boost are an incredible blend).

Then I sip NooJuice or NZT as wanted/needed/desired to enhance my overall performance.

Q: How is Noojuice different than NZT-48?  

A: In modern terms, NZT is more of a “head-high” while NooJuice is more of a “body-high”, with a trailing nootropic effect. (NOTE: neither product makes you high. You do experience a higher level of mental performance very quickly. That shift from your baseline thinking to faster, more agile thinking is very noticeable).

NooJuice was originally developed for high performance athletes. We began refining some obscure plants with nootropic characteristics. Then bonded them to the very highly concentrated beet, watermelon, pineapple, apple and orange fruit extracts. The byproduct was an extremely effective sports performance and muscle/tissue repair drink.

Because of the vasodilation presented by the inherent arginine, citrulline and agmatine derived from the fruit extracts within the formula, it also dramatically improved the brain's adoption of the nootropics.

So the formula is felt both in the body as much as in the mind. And athletes will appreciate the performance increase that occurs in both body and mind. Pushing through those performance roadblocks, aka The Wall, is what it's all about.

Q: How is HyperFocus different than NZT-48?

A: The greatest differences between HyperFocus and NZT-48:

1) The “Get Sh*t Done” (aka HyperFocus DRIVE) is a blend that, as close as possible, integrates the benefits of Adderall, without the neural degradation, dopamine production loss and neuron death presented by the amphetamines in Adderall/Ritalin (and that class of drug).

I'm the poster child for ADD/ADHD. Or, before this journey, that was me. I even had a key investor bring the book “Driven To Distraction” (the ADHD bible) to a Board Meeting to try to have me removed from the CEO post.

When we developed this capsule, the idea was the provide the brain with the raw elements of dopamine and serotonin. A moderate amount of neuro-stimulus (without adenosine dampening – the primary effects of caffeine). And a significant amount of acetylcholine release within existing neuropathways.

This allows your brain to stay focused. Feel good while on-task. And eliminate distraction. While still allowing crosstalk between left and right hemispheres (so you still have creative capacity – something not available from Adderall).

The DRIVE portion of the formula prompts what psychologists and performance experts like Tony Schwartz and Stephen Covey call “Activation”.

So once you're moving toward a goal, you keep moving.

One thing we recommend: have your todo list at the ready within 30-40 minutes of ingestion. Drive and Focus without a goal can feel like anxiety and frustration.

With a goal? They are the secret sauce to completion.

2) NZT: This was developed with 4 quadrants in mind:

  • To energize the mind without causing a “crash” when the nutrient blend wears off.
  • To enhance creativity by amplifying synaptic activity in every part of the brain.
  • To provide a positive, anti-depressant type of experience. We find that positive, happy people who have a clear head and good mental energy perform superhuman tasks without issue.
  • To heal brain and body through proper adaptogen levels and by enhancing cardiovascular condition.

I sip my NZT throughout my morning and mid afternoon, even when I take a NooStax, or HyperFocus DRIVE. It gives me a gentle push. A smile to my face. And manages both hunger and blood sugar levels, to optimize my fitness and overall performance.

Plus, it just plain feels good.

Q: How is HyperFocus better than Adderall? 

A: Unrestrained ADD and ADHD are debilitating conditions. But optimized, the ADD mind can be the most powerful asset in your world. HyperFocus DRIVE is a powerful new way to regain control of your mind. While also rebuilding your brain.

HyperFocus DRIVE is a combination of 17 powerful, natural nootropics and brain-enhancing nutrition, in clinically proven doses.

Taken with oil and a multivitamin, the nutrients in HyperFocus DRIVE will pass through the blood-brain barrier. Then immediately spark the brain to provide deep focus. Then, over the next 2 hours, your drive and ability to follow-through on tasks will peak. Your motivation will increase as you find productivity comes easy. And yet, creativity is still easy to access. No “dumbing down” like classic ADD medications.

Long-term Energy (without jitters) – Intensive Focus – Drive and Ambition – Neurogenesis (new brain cell creation) – Balancing of magnesium in the brain – Enhances both linear and lateral thinking – Thermogenic – helps burn calories – Fast acting: Within 45-60 minutes. – Positive long-term benefits HyperFocus DRIVE was developed by a serial entrepreneur who is also known as the “poster child” for ADD/ADHD. Over 10 years in development. All natural. Safe. Healthy.

The "Magic" Is In The Mix

1) The blend, and matching it to your current physiology (sex, weight, physical condition, and the areas you need boosted). PLEASE COMPLETE THE CUSTOMIZATION FORM. This goes into a massive database we've built over the last 7 years, providing us the exact datapoints we need to correctly assess your physiology, and how to blend your formula. Without it, you are guaranteed to receive a watered-down version of our formula (in order to reduce any issues not provided an incomplete or missing Medical Intake Form).

2) The amount of each element in the blend. You get the best results when certain nootropics are at a high level, but not TOO high. In this case, less can be more. The choline donor type and amount. Adaptogens. And the neural and physiological stimulants are all blended to match your Medical Intake Form. And your follow-up formulas will be adjusted based on your completion of the FEEDBACK FORM. Please keep that in mind for best results.

3) When and how you take it (as an example, taking Real NZT with food dulls the effect – proteins compete with nootropics and amino acids. Taking it 30 minutes after a meal amplifies it, based on the types of foods in your diet.)

We’ve worked with a Doctor and a Naturopathic Physician to ensure the components we use are not only safe, but healthy and often age reversing as well. Three of the elements have strong clinical evidence that show a reversal the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia (Centrophenoxine, Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine). ADD/ADHD is improved by Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Aniracetam/Oxirecetam/Prameracetam and Piracetam with Choline.

It’s not a magic pill. It’s an incredibly powerful blend that will not likely ever make it mainstream (what is the obesity level in America? The CDC says that number was 35.7% in 2011. And headed higher.)

Many of these people will never take a product like WebNutrients Real NZT. Our product does not taste like candy. And it is motivating and pushes you to “move” both mind and body. This is uncomfortable for a large percentage of the population.

As far as Big Brother being out to get us: Not likely. We can help make you smarter. But you still have to do something amazing to get on their radar.

We encourage you to do something truly amazing. You won’t regret it.