Maximizing Nootropics

Here’s how to get started with your WebNutrients NZT-48 powder (and Booster Caps)

1) Pour the whole test tube into water or juice (24-32 oz is ideal).  We include pink/red tubes of organic flavoring, that can be used with the NZT as needed. And if possible, take with some form of healthy oil (fish oil capsules, grapeseed oil, any Omega 3-6-9).

Drink 4-6oz of the cup and wait 30 minutes to gauge the effects, and your sensitivity. If you feel you want more boost, sip 1-2oz increments every 15 minutes until you reach optimum results. Once you reach a comfortable level of clarity and energy, sip the remainder over the next 4-6 hours.
WebNutrients NZT-48 Nootropic Stack with Callouts

We find best results either very first thing in the AM (like before your shower or workout) or 9:30-10:30AM, as you’re getting your stride for the day.

2) Take 30-60 minutes away from food (either before or after). The longer the time from high-protein meals, the more effective the WebNutrients. But as we stated in Step 1: oils/fats help sustain WebNutrients in the bloodstream, and help them navigate the blood-brain barrier.

The effects are good for 8-12 hours, but have a carryover effect into the following day. Even after blood levels of the Smart Nutrients have mostly subsided, the elements are still at work within your system (thanks to the density of the stack). (P.S. These are all natural and have no known toxicity).

3) The capsules can be used alone, or as a “booster”: NZT-48 will provide more than enough smart nutrient effect. The Booster Cap will reactivate the effects – in many users, they greatly amplify the effect. (NOTE: If you’re not experiencing a real boost in the morning dose, it’s OK to take the booster 1-2 hours afterward. But no more than that in a 24 hour period – unless you don’t like sleep).

4) It’s valuable, if you have coffee, to drink it AFTER your WebNutrients. It will measurably increase the effects.

5) Have something to do. Something to focus on. This is THE solution to ADD/ADHD. So have a focus or you’ll feel like a rock star, but may spread your increased creative energy across a dozen projects. Or you’ll end up with an outline for the next 10 projects you want to do, but no completed “cycles”. Focus on completion (unless the outline and goal setting IS your end-game, or you simply need the creative burst).

6) Let us know how it’s working (feel free to liberally use the feedback form). We tweak the formula for every individual based on their specific physiology to maximize results. It’s an iterative process – each batch you receive is more and more aligned with how your mind and body work. So don’t be shy – let us know how you feel. That’s how we improve your custom Smart Nutrient blend.

7) There are also instructions on the postcard(s) included with your WebNutrients. That said, “find your own rhythm”. You’ll find a time and an amount to take that works best for you. Some folks take it every day. Some take it every other day. Some cycle between a tube one day and a Booster Cap the next. Some like to take it “as needed”, such as…

Cramming for a test.

Before getting on stage to present.

Before/during a workout. (As a pre-workout)

First thing to start the day.

When they need a lift from a poor night's sleep.

When they need a creative breakthrough.

When they need to ``perform like a rock-star`` (not my words-they're from musicians who use WebNutrients to help write and create three songs a day).

8) We highly recommend storing your WebNutrients in the freezer for reducing oxidation from light and heat.